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Why Corporate Alumni Programs are on the Rise in 2020

Who would have thought that a pandemic would be the nudge firms needed to put a Corporate Alumni Program at the top of their priority list...

The Power of Pivoting: Adjusting Your Alumni-Outreach During a Crisis

What happens when a crisis hits and derails everything? That’s the question three corporate alumni managers considered...

IntraWorlds Alumni Platform Now Live on SAP® App Center

IntraWorlds today announced that its Alumni Platform is now available on SAP® App Center...

Building a Case for Boomerang Hires

When proving the value of an alumni program to firm leadership, it is important to think about the positive...

7 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Launching a Corporate Alumni Program

Don’t fall into the trap and make these 7 mistakes when launching – you’ll thank us later!

The Benefits of Integrations for Talent and Alumni Relations

See how integrations help to simplify time-consuming tasks for recruiters and alumni managers.

Top 3 tips for Engaging with Alumni through Corporate Social Responsibility

Learn the top 3 tips for engaging with Alumni through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

How Does Alumni Engagement Save Companies Time and Money?

How having a formal network impacts your bottom line & brings a wealth of connections.

LinkedIn Groups Fall Short, Here’s Why You Need a Corporate Alumni Solution

Learn why an corporate alumni platform is needed, instead of relying on LinkedIn Alumni Group.


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