How IntraWorlds Supports Alumni Managers Beyond Technology

Running a successful corporate alumni network requires a vast amount of work, including administrative tasks that can be time-consuming. Often Alumni Managers have roles within their organization aside from running their firm’s alumni program, therefore many find additional support to be extremely helpful. IntraWorlds has developed a suite of professional services to aid our Alumni Managers in making their programs even more successful. This article will outline a few of the ways we support beyond technology.

Lost Alumni Research

One of the most common roadblocks firms face when establishing an alumni network is locating lost alumni. It is quite common for organizations to lose touch with their former employees, resulting in outdated contact information. IntraWorlds can alleviate the time-consuming burden of finding these alumni and provide up-to-date contact information. This updated data leads to higher network engagement and thereby, business development opportunities for their firm.

Job Board Management and/or Job Sourcing

A key benefit of an organization’s alumni program is the job board. Alumni Managers need to ensure that it is effectively managed which includes relevant job opportunities.  IntraWorlds can manage the day-to-day maintenance, including job boards and recruiter access approvals. We can also support the job sourcing, as well as report on the success of the job board. When alumni secure a job through the use of an alumni job board they attribute their career opportunities and career success to their former employer. Thus, creating a natural sense of gratitude which increases brand equity as these alumni act as strong brand ambassadors of the organization.

Administrative Services

A successful alumni network requires Alumni Managers to perform various day-to-day administrative tasks. If an organization does not have the time and/or resources, IntraWorlds can manage these tasks, including the registration process, user administration, end-user support, and more.

Editorial Services

An alumni network serves as a one-stop-shop for your alumni to find what they want, including firm and industry-related news. IntraWorlds can save Alumni Managers time by handling any of the content within the alumni network. We can manage the editorial authoring and posting of content from the organization’s in-house marketing and communications team and manage the scheduling of events for the network.


IntraWorlds‘ professional services can help Alumni Managers run their alumni networks with ease by performing many of the administrative tasks that are crucial to the alumni network’s overall success, including an increase in RoI and engagement. Our professional services will save Alumni Managers' time, allowing them to focus on more strategic tasks.


Dennis Delgado

Head of Alumni Services - North America

IntraWorlds, Inc.


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