The Benefits of Integrations for Talent and Alumni Relations

IT-Integrations link multiple software solutions together, enabling processes to run faster and with less effort. A basic example of an integration would be the ability to share your latest Instagram photo immediately on Facebook and Twitter with just one click. This is just one of the many opportunities integrations offer. IntraWorlds Engage and Alumni platforms also provide integrations that enable organizations to speed up time-consuming tasks. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of integrations for talent and alumni management relations.

General Benefits of Integrations

Integrations offer numerous advantages which can enrich your existing system. Automated processes reduce administrative tasks, saving you time and money. For example, contact data from your talents or alumni, as well as job offers, applications, and activities are automatically transferred between your IntraWorlds platform and your integrated HRIT systems such as ATS or CRM database. As a result, no double data maintenance is necessary, which reduces the manual labor significantly for administrators. The automated data synchronization ensures the quality and accuracy of your data in all systems. In addition, a transparent activity history is available, whereby, for example, the application history of a candidate is visible in the IntraWorlds platform and also in the existing ATS or CRM system.

Standard-Integrations with HR-Systems

The IntraWorlds solution is very flexible and fits effortlessly into an existing IT- and software environment, which enables a variety of integrations with HR systems. Currently, we have standard integrations with Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud (OTAC)SAP SuccessFactors, and LexisNexis InterActioncreating a seamless experience for admins and users. To learn more about our standard integrations, simply click on the following images.


OracleSAP SuccessFactorsLexisNexis


Benefits for Recruiters and Alumni Managers

Where integration shines for both recruiters and alumni managers is when it comes to filling open requisitions within an organization. With IntraWorlds “best job matching” algorithm, the system automatically matches profiles to open opportunities helping to fill positions quicker and easier. The profile data of candidates applying for job positions within IntraWorlds is automatically transferred to your organization’s internal system. The transparent candidate history provides an overview of applications in all systems, such as SAP, Oracle or LexisNexis, as well as in IntraWorlds. In addition, our standard integrations allow for users to update their profiles themselves, creating a common database with complete data in both systems. You also have the ability to send automated invitations to relevant candidates inviting them to join the IntraWorlds platform. All of the data that is captured in the IntraWorlds platform can be easily transferred to your internal CRM or ATS system.


Benefits for Candidates and Alumni

The benefit of integrations doesn’t stop at the administrator's, but extends to the end users as well. The convenience of single sign-on is a simple, yet impactful integration that is oftentimes overlooked. The IntraWorlds solution allows candidates to synchronize their social media profiles with their IntraWorlds account. For example, users can sync their LinkedIn profile with their IntraWorlds profile, thereby, reducing the need to enter their personal data twice. Additionally, the “best job matching” feature is also beneficial for candidates and alumni as it allows them to view relevant job opportunities that are specific to their skill set and apply with a single click. Once a user applies, their data is automatically transferred from your IntraWorlds platform to your ATS or vice versa. The same is true for ‘second-best’ or ‘silver medalist’ candidates. Rather than running the risk of losing the connection or the candidate data, the integration with IntraWorlds allows for the data to be automatically sent from your ATS to the IntraWorlds platform. From there, the candidate will be nurtured, rather than lost, as they will receive targeted, relevant information (given GDPR consent), helping to further the connection with your firm or organization. 

Other External Integrations

In addition to the integration with HR systems, there are other external integration options such as social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube, as well as our latest integration with ZAPinfo. Through this integration, relevant candidate data and profiles can be easily clipped from any website, career site, or documents with just one click and inserted directly into the IntraWorlds platform. This ensures high data quality and automatically cross-checks whether the profile already exists, is newly created, or is enriched with additional information. These automated processes make it even easier to stay connected to top talents in a personalized manner and helps to save recruiters and alumni managers a lot of time and manual labor.


In summary, it is safe to say that integrations significantly simplify time-consuming tasks for recruiters and alumni managers, helping to enrich your business in many ways. Both HR system integrations and external integrations, such as social media platforms, or specific tools like WebClip, bring many benefits, which ultimately reduce the time and resources required to effectively communicate and manage your relationships with talents and alumni.


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